Interview - Bob Levy

Interview: Reverend Bob Levy, Broadcaster & Comedian, WJSE:
July 2003

Media Man Australia interviews "Reverend" Bob Levy, acclaimed comedian and frequent voice heard on the infamous Howard Stern Radio Show!

Yes, MMA mogul, Greg Tingle, takes on New York City!

The reverence has strong views on some people, and subjects, as we discover.

This guy need to be heard to be disbelieved! Seriously, a very funny bastard.

What are you most well known for?

Eating something out of a girls ass at the end of my comedy shows.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

Think of jokes and sit around the house and play with my son.

How did you break into the media and broadcasting business?

I was lucky enough to be ask to go on the Howard stern show my son.

What motivates you?

Having a kid motivates me...and people that piss me the fuck off.

How do you relate to people?

I'm very good with people ..I love meeting the fans at the live shows.

Describe your sense of humor?

Up front in your face and fucking funny.

What do you consider to be career highlights?

For me it was to be on the greatest radio show in the world..the Howard Stern Show and I just got
my own radio show

Whereabouts can people see and hear you?

They can go to my website to see where I'm playing

Who are your biggest supports and detractors?

My friends and other friends and other comedians.

Are you controversial? Why or why not?

Yes I am. I did give a fuck if someone cant handle what I'm saying on stage...if you can't handle it don't sit in the front row with a bad shirt on!

Describe freedom of the press in the U.S?

You can write or say what you want...the worst thing that can happen is someone will call you an Asshole.

What religion are you?


What needs to be done to eradicate the "catholic priest" scandals in America, Australia and other parts of the world?

I think its bullshit that they get away with it...just make sure all altar boys are fat and ugly.

What's the biggest misconception about you?

That I have a small dick....and that I'm lazy.

Who and what are your influences?

I would say growing up listening to the Howard Stern Show..I was like I want to be like him...funny and enjoy your work.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in life?

If you fuck a fatchick..never tell your friends.

Where have our traveled to?

Almost everywhere in the U.S all over Canada..Jamacia. oh yeah and New Jersey.

In 50 years from now, how would you like to be remembered?

As one funny mother fucker that really enjoyed his life.

What do you most attribute your success to?

Me...if you don't do it yourself it ain't that easy to make it..and being on the Stern Show.

What else should we know about you?

I think Australian women are hot.

Bob, than you very much for this.

Thanks my friend. The Reverend Bob Levy.


Editors note: A very funny mother fucker if there ever was one. Listen to Bob via his website. This guy knows how to hand out insults, and bring people down a few pegs. I'm taking notes.


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Bob Levy is one of the best headlining comics working around the country. Nothing is sacred with Bob around, and he's anything but politically correct! Bob does crowd work and roasts better than any other comedian! He can perform clean, but he's great for adult rated comedy shows.

Bob performs with Howard Stern featured comics such as KC Armstrong, Jim Florentine and Artie Lange. He performs nationwide!