Johnny Valiant

Interview - Johnny Valiant

I/V: "Luscious" Johnny Valiant, Stand-up Comedian, Pro Wrestling Champion: 10th June 2003

GT: What's your background?

JV: A dreamer, risk taker and comic performer all my life!

GT: How did you get your break in wrestling?

JV: I was an overnight success (30 years)

GT: How did you get your break in entertainment?

JV: It hasn't yet occurred.

GT: What motivates you?

JV: The lack of a 9-5 job.

GT: Do you like to be called a wrestler, wrestling manager, entertainer, or does it depend on who is asking?

JV: The last one will do. If not, human being will be OK.

GT: What are your most memorable experiences from life on the road, including both wrestling and the entertainment circuit?

JV: Being myself, real or not.

GT: What's a couple of little known facts about Greg Valentine?

JV: Little known, little said.

GT: Beefcake?

JV: Even less

GT: Jimmy Hart?

JV: Still less. How much would you really want to know?

GT: Who have been your biggest supporters over the years?

JV: A pair of arch supports and suspenders. Not always in that order. The fans no less.

GT: What's the best and worst turn Vince McMahon ever did for you?

JV: He said, "Hi Tom, I'm Vince." August 1963 in Military school. That started it all.

GT: What's a good WWE wrestling gag or joke?

JV: Too many to mention. Wrestling conventions.

GT: What was it that made you so good at tag team matches?

JV: I was always more comfortable in a crowd.

GT: What's the biggest crowds you have performed in front of- wrestling, as a manager, and stand-up?

JV: The A train at 42 Street and Broadway - Friday rush hour.

GT: What's the most danger you have been in?

JV: Nothing compared to this.

GT: Are you still in touch with any of the WWE'ers?

JV: We no longer touch. We just nod to each other.

GT: What does the WWE need to do to bring the fans back, or are they already doing many of the things?

JV: Turn off TV and get your schoolwork done.

GT: Got a funny Hogan, Flair, Albano or Piper story for us?

JV: Not really. Enough has been said.

GT: What TV and media appearances have you made?

JV: Sopranos, Law & Order, WBAI-FM Radio NYC. Now this.

GT: How many people remember the real Johnny V? (the great worker and master manager)?

JV: Ask my ex-wife. Neither actually. Just plain old Johnny.

GT: Does wrestling need more managers of your style…the style that got the Dream Team real heat?

JV: No. Torrie Wilson stole my gimmick.

GT: What do you know about Australia?

JV: Beautiful women. Great beer. Glad I'm not queer.

GT: What else would you like to share with our wrestling and media savvy audience?

JV: My opportunity to have a life.

GT: Can I post your bio?

JV: Yes my darling. Whatever you say, honey.

GT: Thanks for this Johnny and Evan.

JV: You're welcome, cheerio.

GT: It means a heck of a lot to me. Wait 'till I tell my mates and girlfriend.

JV: You're lucky you have a girlfriend. My mates abandoned ship. My girl, too! Now what?

GT: Have a top day, and JV and WT&N will be on my lips. I'll tell em.

JV: I'm pleased that you're pleased. If this makes you happy, seek therapy.


Editors note: What a guy! Thanks Johnny V, and thanks to Evan Ginzberg, from Wrestling Now and Then, for helping organise the interview, and the hard to find photo of Johnny V.

I/V: "Luscious" Johnny Valiant, Stand-up Comedian, Pro Wrestling Champion, by Brett Schwan of

BS: What made you decide to become a professional wrestler?

JV: Damn if I know. Lack of good Math scores.

BS: Of all the promoters and promotions you have worked for which did you like the most and why?

JV: Those whose checks cleared.

BS: You and your brothers were infamous tag teams. Which of your opponents were your favorite to work against?

JV: Henning/LeDuc - Gagne/Andre - Bruiser/Crusher.

BS: Of all you positions you have held in wrestling from wrestler to manager, commentator, which did you enjoy the most and why?

JV: Ring crew. 1967. I didn't know any better.

BS: Do you watch wrestling today? If so, what do you think of the current wrestling that is out there?

JV: Totally spectacular. I could never do it.

BS: What do you feel was the defining moment or most memorable moment in your wrestling career?

JV: When I answered question #5.

BS: When you are not wrestling you act, do stand up, and numerous activities. How did you decide to get into stand up? Are there any more shows fans can find you in?

JV: Been doing stand up all my life - except when I sit down. "Maid in Manhattan." NY Based TV shows.

BS: What is your favorite thing about the sport of professional wrestling?

JV: It's fans. What else? And Tony Vellano (Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame).

BS: Who were some of the people you looked up to or helped you in your early days in wrestling?

JV: Andre the Giant - 7'4".

BS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JV: Being 61 years old. Married and happy to be. I'm tired of the single life (tag team is better). At least someone to come home to. But then again, who's going home?


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"Stuns like a side piledriver"

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"The one-man show serves as a confessional of sorts, an exorcism of the demons one accumulates on the sleeper-hold circuit."

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