Hitwise Press Release – 1st April, 2003

Hitwise Press Release – 1st April, 2003

Australian’s search Internet for non-bias war truths. 

For Immediate Release

Day twelve of the war in Iraq, and interesting insights are surfacing online as Australians search the Internet for the unbiased story.  The website www.aljazeera.net which is a news and media website providing news from the Arab world has rocketed 60 positions among News & Media websites since January 25th 2003.      

Likewise, the ArabYnet website www.arabynet.com provides news from Israel in Arabic and includes links to related articles of interest.  This website has become the most popular News & Media – Print website by average time.  Australian Internet users are viewing the ArabYnet website for an astonishing average time of 88.52 minutes.   This is 58.36 minutes MORE than its nearest News & Media – Print competitor. 

Hitwise Clickstream statistics demonstrated that 11.76% of the traffic going to the ArabYnet website originated from www.aljazeera.net   interestingly, 7.35% of traffic leaving the ArabYnet website returned back to www.aljazeera.net

As depicted above, other News & Media – Print websites which are ranking very highly in average time are not only those informing readers about the war in Iraq.  Asian based News & Media – Print websites are also attracting massive average times on from their readers as the pneumonia outbreak intensifies. 


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